Your Next Sewing Project Starts Here

Stop by our sewing supply store in Burlington, IA today

You can get all the inspiration and materials you need for your project by visiting our sewing supply store. Sew N Sew Shop carries colorful fabric patterns, sewing machines, kits and all kinds of crafting accessories. You can get everything you need to begin working on your quilt or embroidery pillow.

Alice Hamilton and her team know how to find just the right fabric to supplement your work. We have a diverse spread of fun fabrics that you can't find anywhere else.

Drop by our sewing supply store in Burlington, IA today to find the perfect fabric for your project.

Pick out new thread and panels at our quilting store

Our sewing and quilting store has been helping artists bring their creations to life since 1992. You can get all kinds of sewing supplies, such as:

  • Specialized scissors for cutting fabric
  • Needles in a variety of sizes and gauges
  • Books with instructions and resources
  • Patterns for quilting and sewing

We're sure you'll find the right materials for your specific project at Sew N Sew Shop. If you don't have an idea in mind, become inspired by looking through the fabrics and patterns we offer.

Don't let a broken sewing machine slow you down

You can bring in your broken or damaged sewing machine, and we'll complete any sewing machine repairs it needs, including replacing parts. We have half a century of experience fixing sewing machines, and we complete all repairs in-house.

We're certified to repair Viking sewing machines. You can count on us to get your sewing machine working again in no time. Stop by our sewing supply store in Burlington, IA today for sewing machine repairs.