Choose 100% Cotton Yard Goods From Sew N Sew Shop

Choose 100% Cotton Yard Goods From Sew N Sew Shop

Browse decorative fabric for sale in Burlington, IA

Whether you're making a quilt or patching a pair of pants, you'll find everything you need for the project at Sew N Sew Shop. We offer a wide variety of fabric for sale. All of our fabric is made from 100% cotton.

Need advice on color schemes? We'll help you find the perfect fabric for your quilt. You can find plenty of popular fabric brands here, such as:

  • Hoffman
  • Cantik
  • Anthology
  • Blank
  • Quilting Treasures
  • RJR
  • Moda
  • Benartex
  • Princess Mirah

Check out our supply of fabric for sale in Burlington, IA by visiting Sew N Sew Shop today.

Sew N Sew Shop - where needle, thread and fabric meet

Among all of the fabrics stores in the Burlington, IA area, Sew N Sew Shop is your best bet for basic and transition fabrics. We have fabrics with dots, florals, snowflakes, cardinals and much more. You can count on us to help you choose fabrics and patterns that best suit your project.

Don't waste your time at fabric stores that don't have knowledgeable staff members that are willing to help you. Visit Sew N Sew Shop today for great deals on sewing supplies.